• Abdullah Al Rashed

    Abdullah Al Rashed

    Abdullah Al Rashed, a development and social researcher received MPhil degree from the Dept. of Government and Politics, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh. Mr Rashed got expertise in areas of local government, rights focused problems, WaSH, disaster management and climate change. He got strong exposure on FGD based qualitative research works.

  • Shammunul Islam

    Shammunul Islam

    Shammunul Islam is a researcher by profession and a data scientist by passion. Through a quantitative lens combined with a qualitative one he tries to address various developmental and societal problems. During his stay at Columbia University in the City of New York (USA) as both a graduate student and as a Research Fellow, he gained hands-on experience and knowledge on interpretation and analysis of the interconnection between climate and society. He has keen interest in the application of machine learning to different societal and economic issues. He debugged and applied a new R package for statistical downscaling of atmospheric data during his internship at Earth Institute. Mr. Islam also consults as statistician for different NGOs designing survey and analyzing data. Please view his linkedin profile to know more about him.

  • Munir Mahmud

    Munir Mahmud

    Munir Mahmud is a postgraduate research student having strong orientation in GIS, satellite remote sensing and GPS based spatial assessment techniques. Mr Mahmud carried out research on Impacts of natural disasters on education systems in two southern sub districts of Bangladesh. In the postgraduate research activity that is currently underway, he is assessing the Nepal earthquake experiences and related disaster management aspects aiming to bring in these learning to improve Bangladesh earthquake disaster management processes.