• Lecture at universities in areas of environment/natural resources management, development, and climate change and disaster management issues.
  • Deliver training on the same issues to wide range of professionals/trainees (e.g. government officials, NGO workers etc.).
  • Deliver popular lectures.


  • Supervise academic and other (e.g. professional) research activities
  • Undertake research in areas of environment and natural resources management, disaster and climate change related impacts conditions in Bangladesh and other similar parts of the worlds.
  • Research like baseline surveys, impact assessments of projects like mid-tern reviews, terminal evaluations etc.

Field works

  • Capacity to design field plans and mobilize resources to undertake field data collection works.
  • Facilitate field based training works.

Knowledge product development

  • Project proposal writing, situation analysis and provide expert opinions on areas mentioned above.
  • Design tailor made training components, training manuals and related materials.
  • 3. GIS and remote sensing based spatial assessment and map product development.